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My Story

If you want to know how to start a cleaning business, you've certainly come to the right place.

They're springing up everywhere, mainly because people think that they're easy to start, require very little capital and that anyone can do it if they buy themselves a mop and bucket and call themselves a cleaning contractor. In some respects, that's true. Anyone can do it - but you need the right guidance. You will need to ensure that your company stands out as being different from all the others!

If you've found your way here after searching the internet for advice you'll have seen a lot. Literally, there are hundreds and hundreds of websites claiming to show you how to start a cleaning business - but I'd like to try and dispel some of the myths!

If you follow their advice and deliver thousands of leaflets offering domestic cleaning services you are not building a business you are providing yourself with an income - and if it's an income you want, you may as well go and work for someone else.

A business of any kind is one that has a value in its own right - something that you can sell at a later stage if you want to - or pass on to the kids. This is particularly true with cleaning. Sure, if you follow their advice you may get a few cleaning jobs in return for your effort but they're worth nothing if you want to sell your business. They're certainly worth zilch as far as the bank is concerned! Go on - try it, I challenge you - go into the bank and tell them that you've cleaned a few houses in the past week. You have no long term agreement in place - but could you have a mortgage please?

What's Included In Our Full Package?

How to start a cleaning business

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A package of this quality would normally be sold as a 'franchise' and could cost you in excess of 10,000.

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You need to know how to win cleaning contracts

You will never earn enough money from one-off cleaning jobs. The REAL money is to be made from the value of your cleaning business.

You will need to concentrate on the 'commercial sector' and how to win cleaning contracts if you want to start a cleaning business that has a value in its own right.

I wasted five years cleaning carpets and windows to make a living and I still hadn't got anything to show for it. I should have been able to win cleaning contracts easily if only someone had presented me with an opportunity like this earlier. 

I did all that stuff. I had my family running around town pushing leaflets through letter boxes just to try and get enough money to pay the bills. The real problem came when in 1985, as a young lad of 27 (with no credit history) I went into the bank and asked for a mortgage. I was laughed out of the building!

I knew that I had to serve some time working for another cleaning company, just to get that mortgage.

I learned how to get cleaning contracts

I soon realised that selling cleaning was my thing. I found out how to get cleaning contracts easily- and I was good at it - but only because I found a great teacher.

It really wouldn't be appropriate to name the individual or the company here because they are still trading successfully and I'm sure they wouldn't thank me for telling you that they built a massive, profitable cleaning company with no capital! But............

  • They taught me how to start a cleaning business using my Clients money.

  • They taught me how to get 100+ HOT leads every week.

  • They taught me how to get in front of the real decision maker within two minutes of entering the building.

  • They taught me how to convert 50% of my quotes into sales by putting the Client into a position where he can hardly say no!

  • They taught me how to start a cleaning business that has a value in its own right - something that the bank would recognize if ever I wanted to borrow money.

  • They taught me how to sell that business and still earn an income from it!

Guess what? I worked for them for twelve months, thanked them for everything they'd taught me and started out on my own again.

Well, what a difference! Now I was choosing the cleaning contracts I wanted. I was getting to the decision maker within two minutes of walking into the building (just as they'd taught me), I was winning HALF of all the business I was quoting - and the Client was paying me before I had to pay anybody!

I never looked back and I went on to build a profitable cleaning company in less than twelve months (432K turnover !!!) which I promptly sold for 100K+. In fact I went on to do it four times and since I started all those years ago I've been able to win cleaning contracts and ancillary services with a turnover in excess of 10 million!

To succeed in the cleaning industry you will have to forget everything you've ever read about how to start a cleaning business up until now.

I learned how to win cleaning contracts with an annual turnover of 432K in twelve months but I didn't make a fortune from that alone. The serious money was made when I sold that turnover for a figure in excess of 100K. To achieve that sort of success you will have to know what type of agreement to enter into, what type of turnover to aim for, where and how to get cleaning contracts and what to do with them when you've got them!

Start A Cleaning Business

I've put together, a complete 'Start A Cleaning Business' package - as well as a number of tools and utilities. In fact, everything that you will ever need to start and run a successful cleaning business is here.

Why not take the time to browse this site, and forget everything you've ever read before today?

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How To Start A Cleaning Business - How To Win Cleaning Contracts - How To Get Cleaning Contracts