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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only use these products in the UK?

Absolutely not! The principles are the same whatever currency you operate in. We sell these products all over the world and cleaning contractors are successfully using them in  the ROI, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand right now!

Do I need to be a computer expert to use these products?

No - We've taken the traditional methods of running a cleaning business and embraced new technology to make it easier to win cleaning contracts - but we've picked the simplest software to do it with. You'll be able to offer a quote quickly, before your competitors do. In many cases you will get a signed agreement from your client before they even have your competitors quote on their desk! If you're able to browse this website, you'll be able to use any of these products, for sure.

How can I be sure that I'll be successful?

There's no magic formula. We're not saying that if you buy any of these products you will instantly make a fortune. What we are saying is that if you've decided that you want to start a cleaning business, you ought to follow a system that's been tried and tested over many, many years (a bit like a franchise but without the costs). Like any business, the results will depend on a number of things i.e. the effort you put in, the local economy and other market forces. Whatever happens, we can show you how to adjust your marketing activity to stay on target for cleaning contracts with a 432K turnover - within twelve months. 

Will I ever be asked to pay any additional charges besides the cost of these products?

No - we do not run a franchise so we don't ask you to pay any fees or royalties. we don't even insist that you use this system. It's your business. Call it what you like and run it how you like. Naturally, we have experience of purchasing materials and equipment over many years so we'll point you in the right direction to save you money but we do not receive a commission from any other company to promote their products. We're continually on the look out for better deals, too - so when we find them we'll tell you about it - but you're free to purchase from where you like. There's no on-going agreement with us.

Will I need any working capital?

No - nothing at all! Whenever anyone starts a new cleaning business they're tempted to do some of the cleaning themselves to save on labour costs. We'll show you why you absolutely must not do this. In any case, you won't need to. Your clients will be paying you before you have to pay your cleaners so you can staff every contract from day one - leaving you free to go out and get another one!

What made you successful?

That's easy - firstly, I had a great teacher/mentor. It would have taken me a lifetime to learn for myself what he taught me in 12 months! Secondly, I'm a firm believer in taking action. The world is full of 'thinkers' and those who say 'now is not the right time'. If you want to be successful you need to take ACTION. Nobody will knock on your door asking you to clean their building but there are literally thousands of clients out there - all needing your services - and I'll show you where to find them. Finally, DUPLICATION - whatever business you are in it makes sense to duplicate something that has worked for someone else. It's what I did all those years ago and you can do it too by using these products.

What if I already have a cleaning company?

Maybe you're 'up and running' already but are disillusioned with your speed of growth. Just apply these methods to your existing business and watch your sales soar!


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